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  What is a lien? 
A lien is a common type of legal remedy issued by judges on behalf of a lender or creditor, to help ensure
repayment of a debt, by securing the real property rights of assets which are owned by their debtors.

A Lien Company can provide an array of services to customers, including but not limited to: 

  • property

  • automobile

  • mechanic/construction

  • estate

  • tax

  • title

  • legal services

  • authoritative information

Liens can be issued to and or on behalf of individuals or businesses on the
private level, and governmental entities on the public level.

See for yourself.  Try a general keyword search such as, "lien company" in the search box below.  


Lien Agency

Liens Agency

Lien Business

Liens Business

Lien Company  

Liens Company

Construction/Mechanic Liens

Construction/Mechanic Liens

Lien Contractors

Estate / Property Liens

Estate / Property Liens

Lien Buzz

Liens Buzz

Lien Center

Lien Directory

Lien Expert

Lien International

Lien Services

Lien Solutions

Lien Systems

Lien Tips

Lien Website

Lien Zone

There are many companies that have websites with domain names which include the common words, "title lien."

Here is one example of a "holiday" package deal for the right company.
All 6 domain names for only: $5,000! Title Lien Title Lien Company Title Lien Agency Title Liens Title Liens Title Liens

Short / Fanciful

What about the other 22 .com URLs

with a letter before the word "lien?"

H Lien Services

N Lien Services

Q Lien Services

W Lien Services


Global Lien

Freedom Lien

Insurance Lien

Lien Doctor

Settlement Lien

Animal Lien

South West Lien Services

We Lien Services

Life Lien


U.S. State / Territory Abbreviations

Out of the 50 available, here are the remaining 26 "(USA State Abbreviation)"
domain names.  I also have 2 territories and the Federal District (

Alaska Lien Services

Connecticut Lien Services

District of Columbia Lien Services

Guam Lien Services

Hawaii Lien Services

Idaho Lien Services

Kansas Lien Services

Maryland Lien Services

Minnesota Lien Services

Montana Lien Services

Mississippi Lien Services

Missouri Lien Services

Nebraska Lien Services

Nevada Lien Services

New Hampshire Lien Services

New Mexico Lien Services

North Dakota Lien Services

Ohio Lien Services

Oklahoma Lien Services

Puerto Rico Lien Services

Rhode Island Lien Services

South Carolina Lien Services

South Dakota / San Diego Lien Services

Tennessee Lien Services

Texas Lien Services

Vermont Lien Services

West Virginia Lien Services

Wisconsin Lien Services

Wyoming Lien Services

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